lunes, 27 de febrero de 2017

Maya Levy / Matthieu Idmtal GRIEG Violin Sonatas

“Matthieu Idmtal is a poet at the keyboard. With highly mastered pianissimi he forced his audience to hold their breath, while no single note sounded superficial. When he continued his journey with Chopin he impressed by his undoubtable talent for lyricism, and a spontaneity reminiscent of the masters at the beginning of the twentieth century. A romantic through and through. “
It is clear that Matthieu Idmtal has become an established name on national and international stages.
Press and public have witnessed his distinctive musical personality, and have praised his highly sensitive interpretations.

« From the very first seconds, Maya takes us into her world. She mesmerizes with a delicate and tender play, along with her distinctive and strong personality, this rare gift of eloquence that seems natural to her, and that is exclusive to true artists. »
Born in 1997, of a belgian mother and a french father, Maya Levy grows up surrounded by music lovers. She is herself profoundly moved by music as a child and inherently follows the solid intuition leading her to playing the violin. She first drew the bow at the age of 4 with Bernadette Jansen, with whom she takes her first steps. She later pursues her apprenticeship with Véronique Bogaerts, Leonid Kerbel, Igor Tkatchouk and Mr. Boris Kuschnir in Vienna – her current teacher since 2013.

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