viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

Duo Praxedis GRAND DUET - Originalwerke für Harfe & Klavier

The combination of harp and piano, which in the early classical era was a popular ensemble, is today very rare. In that period, this exciting duo frequently inspired many renowned composers. Sadly, as the centuries passed the relationship faded. The Swiss mother-and-daughter musicians Praxedis Hug-Rütti and Praxedis Geneviève Hug have set themselves the goal of breathing new life into this fascinating instrumental partnership, establishing its popularity with an international audience, and bringing it to the world's major concert halls. Although the two in- struments are so closely related to each other, they are nonetheless also highly different. Their rarely heard combination provides an especially refined musical delight.
“Duo Praxedis” was established in 1996 when it was invited to perform Bach's Double Concerto in a tran- scription for harp, piano and orchestra. Since 2009, the two artists regularly perform together in Switzerland and abroad. “Duo Praxedis” is a welcome guest at renowned international festivals such as the Schloss Esterhazy, Eisenstadt and Engadin festivals. They have recorded CDs for Guild, Paladino and Preiser. 2014 Duo Praxedis was awarded the UBS-Foundation-Prize for their commitment to contemporary music.
Since original compositions for harp and piano are only to be found in the early classical period, “Duo Praxedis” write their own arrangements of well-known master- pieces for two pianos or piano duet, transcriptions worthy of the highest respect, since it is virtually impossible to transpose explicitly romantic piano scores for the harp. They also frequently commission compositions from notable contemporary composers. The performances and interpretations of the two “Duo Praxedis” artists are legendary, with their passionately intense playing, varied programmes and infectious cheerfulness. Music to be not only heard but also seen, a new, previously unknown form of the art. “Duo Praxedis” is one of today's most attractive ensembles and a highlight in the international concert scene.

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