martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

La Simphonie du Marais / Olivier Schneebeli / Ensemble Vocal Contrepoint MARC-ANTOINE CHARPENTIER Le Massacre des Innocents - Psaumes de David

In 1987, after he had been playing with European leading Baroque ensembles, Hugo Reyne decided to create his own ensemble.
In founding La Simphonie du Marais, he hoped to share his discoveries, joys and emotions with as many as possible and to breathe life into his numerous musical projects.
An ardent defender of the French musical patrimony from Lully to Rameau, he chose a name combining the word «Simphonie», the 17th - and 18th - century synonym for instrumental ensemble, and «Le Marais» one of the most beautiful areas in Paris, representative of the Baroque era. The name was quite appropriate as La Simphonie du Marais is now eventually based in Vendée, a region of western France, whose territory is bordered by marshes, namely Le Marais Breton and Le Marais Poitevin.
La Simphonie du Marais proposes programs - concerts and performances - of symphonic music, ballets, comedies-ballets and operas that can assemble up to 70 musicians : soloists, orchestra and choir.
Hugo Reyne is also very keen on the chamber and concertante repertoire for flute, as well as outdoor music with oboe ensemble. Thus, La Simphonie du Marais displays its multi-faceted talents, and is constantly able to propose new programs.

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