viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016


Discantus is women vocal ensemble that brings alive the vocal repertoire, primarily sacred, of the Middle Ages from the first Western musical notation of the 9 th century up to the 15 th century.
Founded in 1989 under the direction of Brigitte Lesne, it brings together passionate singers from diverse backgrounds capable of adopting a vocal style appropriate to the medieval repertoire, uniting unique individual timbres to form a coherent e nsemble sound. Since the 2000’s, Discantus’ handbells became like the "signature" of the ensemble.
Invited to the most prestigious festivals, Discantus performs regularly in France, in Western, Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hung ary, Poland) and as far as Fes in Morocco, Beyrouth in Lebanon, New York, Perth, and also in Colombia. The 13th recording, "the Argument of Beauty" (sacred polyphonies by Gilles Binchois, at æon recordings) was rewarded as 2010 best recordings of the year by Le Monde newspaper. In 2014, « Music for a King » - also by æon – alternates 11th century repertoire with two pieces commissioned to young composers using texts of Boethius. Discantus keeps enlarging it's repertoire with two new programs incorporating typical medieval stringed instruments ( harp, hurdy - gurdy , psaltery, fiddle) played by the singers themselves: "A path to the field of stars, pligrim's songs" and "Santa Maria, At the court of Alfonso el Sabio".

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