lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

Andreas Staier / Daniel Sepec / Roel Dieltiens FRANZ SCHUBERT Piano Trios Op. 99 & 100

"One glance at Schubert's trio, and the miserable hustle and bustle of human existence vanishes, the world takes on fresh lustre", wrote Robert Schumann in 1836 of Schubert's Piano Trio D898. He was equally admiring of the Viennese composer's other great trio, D929, notably its funeral march-like Andante con moto, later to achieve cinematic fame in Kubrick's 'Barry Lyndon'.
Here three peerless interpreters bring out every nuance of these endlessly fascinating works on their 'period instruments', including a splendid copy of an 1827 Viennese fortepiano.

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