miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Duo Brüggen-Plank SZYMANOWSKI Works for Violin and Piano

While studying the works of Szymanowski, we quickly discovered the powerful attraction his music exerted on us. It felt as though we had found our own channel for expressing ourselves musically. His language immediately fascinated and thrilled us and we have regularly featured the works of this composer in our recitals since rst performing as a duo in 2007. We are both interested in how human emotional states are addressed, their diversity, expression, homophony and the compatibility of emotionality with today’s “functional” world. Where are the boundaries of what a person can feel, express and communicate? Szymanowski’s works open up new horizons in this area and we hope to be able to convey this richness to all people who are open to this extremely intensive, not always easy to listen to, poetic and fantastic music. (Henrike Brüggen, Marie Radauer-Plank)

The thrilling contrasts in a composer’s oeuvre are presented by Marie Radauer-Plank and Henrike Brüggen on their first GENUIN release. The two artists bring the world of the great Karol Szymanowski, whose death anniversary will be commemorated on March 29, 2017, to life before our ears. His music reflects the spirit of his time while drawing inspiration from ancient sources. It derives its power from the traditions of his homeland, but remains universal. And all of this can be heard in the playing of the two young, international prize-winning musicians: sophisticated yet down-to-earth, incredibly sensual yet clearly structured – a true discovery!

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