sábado, 9 de junio de 2018

Diego Ares BACH Goldberg Variationen

In the thirty-two movements that make up the Goldberg Variations, Bach offers us a perfect equilibrium between structure, proportion, counterpoint and melody. Diego Ares, for whom this remarkable work has been a lifelong inspiration, sees the key to it in the notion of travel: a moving trip to different environments, enriched by new experiences in the course of the variations, the last of which (the Quodlibet) marks the composer's salutary return home. A profound and humanistic message and an angle from which the Variations have rarely been approached before.

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  1. Gracias ! gracias !
    Espectacular la versión. Si tuvieras (sólo a modo de pedido irreverente), algún otro cd de este intérprete, estaría mas que agradecido...
    Saludos cordiales,