viernes, 7 de octubre de 2016

Maddalena Del Gobbo / Michele Carreca / Ewald Donhoffer / Christoph Prendl HENRIETTE THE PRINCESS OF THE VIOL

Maddalena was born in Italy and started studying music at a very early age. At the age of four, she began learning the piano and gradually added the cello and singing to her musical repertoire. Years later, at the age of 13, her musical talent brought her to Vienna, where she studied the cello at the “Konservatorium Wien”. She first came in contact with the viola da gamba when she entered a record shop in the heart of Vienna and was mesmerized by an enchanting sound she would never forget.
She still finished her studies as a cellist, received a MA and performed in many concert halls as a soloist and chamber musician. All this time, she never forgot the viol and secretly honed her skills until, one day, she decided to make the viol her focal point and to dedicate her life to baroque music.
Charity work is very important for Maddalena. She is founding president of the “Juvenilia Club Wien”, which supports several charity organizations and advocates women rights all over the world."
Maddalena also supports the “Sterntalerhof”. This is a non-profit organization, which offers help and a place to stay for terminally ill children and their families, to spend the last part of their life in a dignified way, supported by therapists, specially trained therapy horses and surrounded by nature.
Maddalena plays here together with Ewald Donhoffer (harpsichord) Christoph Prendl (Viola da Gamba) and Michele Carreca (theorbo). 
Henriette was a daughter of the King of France, Louis XV, and was a great viola da gamba virtuoso. It´s a recording of french music of the first half of the 18th century by composers as Marin Marais, Caix d`Hervelois and Jean Baptiste Forqueray. Join Maddalena and discover this musical homage to the princess of the viol, Henriette of France.

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