domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Olivier Baumont / Julien Chauvin À MADAME Divertissement pour Adélaïde

At the court of Versailles, the daughters of Louis XV (referred to as ‘Mesdames’), and in particular Adélaïde, devoted themselves to a regular practice of music and, apparently, demonstrated talent. Numerous composers (Simon, Rameau, Balbastre, Cardonne, Guignon) played for them, worked with them, and dedicated several works to them. ‘À Madame’, Divertissement pour Adélaïde, is an anthology, subjectively put together, of compositions that resounded in their drawing room.
All the works on this programme are world premieres. These lovely, rare nuggets are mixed with a few unusual sonorities of marvellous carillons of the Marc-Antoine Le Nepveu clock (currently in the Cabinet de la Méridienne, located at the heart of the palace, on the first floor).
The recording, made in the Grand Cabinet de Madame Victoire at Versailles and featuring two precious historical instruments from the palace’s collections, faithfully reproduces the forgotten beauties of the Age of Enlightenment.
An original invitation to travel back in time, as testimony to a musical afternoon at Versailles in the company of Mesdames. (Aparté Music)

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