martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

Quatuor Voce / Lise Berthaud MOZART - BRAHMS String Quintets

Since the very beginning of our quartet, ten years ago, we have always cultivated collaborations with artists from different horizons and diverse backgrounds. The string quintet seems to us to be the most natural and the most intimate of formations, seamlessly merging with the established ensemble an instrument which already has a brother in the quartet and redistributing the material without signi cantly changing the framework. The viola quintet repertoire has followed us from our rst steps as a string quartet right up to the present day, be it with distinguished teachers (Miguel da Silva, Yuri Bashmet) or with brilliant artists of our generation such as Lise Berthaud, who inspires us with her generous sound and innate musical instinct. 
Whether in Mozart or Brahms, we have constantly admired and enjoyed the ease, the liberty of expression and the sheer joy this fth voice confers on their music. As if the addition of a second viola resolved all the problems which arise with four instruments, Brahms and Mozart offer us masterworks of orchestral dimensions, the meeting of the most intimate and the most universal of worlds. Those four extra strings seem to expand even further the quartet’s already vast spectrum of sound.

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