lunes, 14 de mayo de 2018

I Solisti della Scala / Andrea Vitello OCTETS

Studiomusica Hungary proudly presents: Friday May 11 CD release "Octets" - Warner Classics I Solisti della Scala, conductor: Andrea Vitello.
Produced by Studiomusica Hungary and realised in cooperation with Warner Music Italy.
It comprehends the world premier recording of "Octet" by Peter Eötvös, "Octet" by Igor Stravinsky and three new compositions by Alessio Elia, Albertas Navicaks and Rita Ueda.
Quoting from the booklet notes by Guido Barbieri: “Stravinsky is the root, the seed, the humus, and the feeding ground. A ground that not only nurtures the intricate tree that is 20th century music, but also the tender and new, or rather, ever-new branch this disc represents. The Octet for Winds (1923) is in fact, the matrix that germinates almost spontaneously from the other accompanying four pieces. [...] Hidden polyphony and objectivity. These are the two categories – respectively in the linguistic, and aesthetic fields - that orientate the map of Stravinski’s Octet inner outline. These categories represent also, and not accidentally, keys for browsing the pages in which the other four works of this album elegantly find their place, telling us their own identities, identities that strengthen in the differences.”

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