miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2018

St. Lawrence String Quartet / Todd Palmer OSVALDO GOLIJOV Yiddishbbuk

This is an amazing recording. It will leave you drained of emotion and speechless with admiration... Lullaby and Doina incorporates Jewish and Gypsy themes, part slow and sad, part wild and motoric, with a radiant violin solo soaring above the woodwinds. Yiddishbbuk...is inspired by a line from an apocryphal psalm: "No one sings as purely as those who are in the deepest hell..." It's first movement commemorates three children who perished in the Nazi concentration camp Terezin. Golijov evokes their anguish in music that is by turns wild, raucous, slashing, mysterious, eerie, and always heart-rending. Tremolos flutter up above aching dissonances, alternating with organlike, sustained chords; slides and crashes sound like strangled death cries. Dreams and Prayers...are depicted in music that is calm, mysterious, meditative and devout, but intermittently breaks into traditional dance tunes, and builds up to several tremendous climaxes. The clarinet speaks, sings, sobs, screams, and prays in true klezmer style. The playing is fabulous, the total effect mesmerizing, but the real miracle is that this young Canadian quartet and American clarinetist can identify so completely with a culture surely worlds away from their own. (Edith Eisler)

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