miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Musica Sequenza VIVALDI The New Four Seasons

Composers have always been fascinated by nature and the elements, by thunder and lightning for example. Particularly in the baroque period, it was very much in vogue to depict all these natural phenomena in music. Nearly 300 hundred years later, music-lovers can enjoy a new version of the "Four Seasons". For the New Four Seasons Burak Ozdemir has written four poems which, unlike the sonnets that accompany the original Vivaldi concertos, describe not the seasons themselves, but the feelings of people today from one season to the next. Ozdemir’s seasons begin with Winter, where he has chosen four Vivaldi bassoon concertos to capture exactly the emotional worlds of his poems. After all, it’s not only nature itself that has changed radically, thanks to human influence, since Vivaldi’s time. As Burak Ozdemir himself adds, the clear boundaries that used to apply between the seasons of the year have long since become fluid: "We eat strawberries in winter, and fly to sunny climes to escape the autumn rainstorms."
An ice-melting sunny dream,
Came through my window that night.
Warmer than it was,
Telling the story of overseas.
Like Butterflies…
It’s the heat on my skin, red and more
Made my pulse rough, my heart sink.
The beat was up like a dance for the rain,
What’s missing there was the green
Stars above us, flaking bright lights…
In my ear are your whispering words.
The Northern wind catches my heart,
While chilling a hot summer night.
Opening a new page of a book,
Not calm enough to finish it.
My coffee is cold, have no hands to cook.
It’s the “missing one red leave on a tree”

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