jueves, 20 de abril de 2017


To my mind the ideal relationship to tradition and to new compositional techniquesis the one in which the artist has mastered both the old and the new, though in a way which makes it seem that he is taking note of neither the one nor the other. There are composers who construct their works very consciously; I am one of those who 'cultivate' them. And for this reason everything I have assimilated forms as it were the roots of a tree, and the work its branches and leaves. One can indeed describe them as being new, but they are leaves nonetheless, and seen in this way they are always traditional and old. 
Dmitri Shostakovich and Anton Webern have had the greatest infiuence on my work. Although my music bears no apperent traces of it, these two composers taught me the most important lesson of all: to be myself. (Sofia Gubaidulina)

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