martes, 25 de julio de 2017

José Miguel Moreno / Eligio Quinteiro LUYS MILÁN Fantasía

This is the second instalment in an innovative line of work that the ever-restless José Miguel Moreno, founder and principal artist of Glossa, inaugurated with the recently issued Semper Dowland Semper Dolens. Together with Eligio Quinteiro, the magnificent plucked-string continuo player living in London, Moreno proposes an intellectual exercise which consists in adding a second instrumental part, in the manner of a second voice, counterpoint and harmonic development, to pieces that were originally conceived for a solo instrument. The recording technique utilised enhances the total interweaving of the instrumental resources, making the two discrete sound sources almost indistinguishable.
In line with a philosophy grounded in historical criteria, this procedure favours the possible over the probable. With a profound understanding of the music of Luys Milán, whose works he has previously recorded on CDs that have since become points of reference, Moreno once again surprises us with this emotive journey to the Spanish Renaissance. (GLOSSA)

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