lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

Roberta Invernizzi / Yetzabel Arias Fernández / Romina Basso / La Risonanza / Fabio Bonizzoni HANDEL Olinto pastore

The Accademia degli Arcadi - that thought-provoking and ideas-creating literary circle set up by a group of poets, composers, aristocrats and churchmen, which championed a return to classical (and pastoral) ideals and one of whose keenest members was the Marquis Francesco Maria Ruspoli, Handel’s patron in Rome - forms the aesthetic background for this sixth and penultimate release in the series of Italian cantatas by the Saxon composer which Fabio Bonizzoni and La Risonanza are making for Glossa. In an engrossing essay written by Carlo Vitali (which additionally benefits from the counsels of Michael Talbot), the listener/reader is introduced to the social and political references contained within the pastoral texts of Olinto, pastore arcade, Duello amoroso and Alpestre monte, the three Handel cantatas which make up this CD. For this disc Bonizzoni turns again to three of his regular singers (the sopranos Roberta Invernizzi and Yetzabel Arias Fernández and the mezzo soprano Romina Basso) as well as counting upon the services of his exceptional first violinist, the young Swiss Leila Schayegh, an up-and-coming player whose talent is beginning to be an open secret... The spring of 2010 is anticipated as seeing the conclusion of this Handel collection, the grand finale being that marvellous cantata Apollo e Dafne. (GLOSSA)

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