viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Mitzi Meyerson CLAUDE-BÉNIGNE BALBASTRE Musique de Salon

Maybe it is the fact that they are women, perhaps it is because of their preference for discretion over visibility, maybe it is in order to give a higher sense of priority to the timeless rather than to immediate success, the case is that both Mara Galassi and Mitzi Meyerson, the only two women in Glossa's artistic lineup, have become skilled in producing minority yet exquisitely-refined and lasting recording projects. Their discs indeed have attained cult status, for they succeed by word of mouth rather than through any more established means of communication.
Such will be the case also, we suspect, with Mitzi Meyerson's latest project, called Musique de salon, wherein she introduces us to a charming and delicious recital of pieces by Claude-Bénigne Balbastre. Sounds from a Taskin harpsichord and from a beautifully restored Broadwood fortepiano from 1792 take us back to the fascinating ambience of the pre-revolutionary Parisian salons… although the disc, appropriately, reaches a climax with a series of variations on La Marseillaise.
Philippe Beaussant in his essay for the booklet: "The music informally known as 'salon music' is not always as futile as it might at first appear. The very fact that it evolved in keeping with social mores, tastes, trends and even fashions means that it is a privileged witness of the history of music. This is wonderfully illustrated by Claude-Bénigne Balbastre." (GLOSSA)

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