sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

Rolf Lislevand DIMINUITO

Rolf Lislevand lutes, vihuela de mano; Linn Andrea Fuglseth voice; Anna Maria Friman voice; Giovanna Pessi tripleharp; Marco Ambrosini nyckelharpa; Thor Harald Johnsen chitarra battente, vihuela de mano, lutes; Michael Behringer clavichord, organ; Bjørn Kjellemyr colascione; David Mayoral percussion.
 On “Nuove Musiche”, his highly successful ECM debut released in spring 2006, Norwegian master lutenist led his own group of international early music virtuosi. The album presented ravishing and most unorthodox accounts of mostly Italian instrumental music from the early Baroque. Based on Italian Renaissance sources from the 16th century – madrigals, chansons and virtuoso lute music – the new programme goes even further back – from the “seconda pratica” of monophonic expressiveness to the “prima pratica” of polyphonic complexity.
Once again putting a strong emphasis on improvisation, Lislevand and his colleagues disclose the astounding modernity and emotional wealth in the music of composers such as Giovanni Antonio Terzi or Joan Ambrosio Dalza. Most of the music stems from the Veneto region of Italy where, at that period, strong influences of oriental and eastern music could be felt. Lislevand’s group translates this with a lush scoring for deep instruments, both stringed and plucked. The album title “Diminuito” refers to the praxis of virtuosic ornamentation of vocal lines, the “diminution” of larger rhythmic and harmonic units in most agile runs, scales and arpeggi. The album was recorded in St. Gerold with line-up including the delightful sopranos of Anna Maria Friman and Linn Andrea Fuglesth. (ECM Records)

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