miércoles, 2 de agosto de 2017

Iñaki Etxepare BACH Y EL MAR - Cello Suites in Hondarribia

BACH. The meaning in German is brook. However he never reached the sea, he spent his life in just 100 km in the neighborhood of the cities Eisenach, Köthen, and Leipzig... know through the suites, the landscape, the customs and the people from the Bahia Txingudi in Euskadi, we want to take that Bach to the sea, being contemporary dance the visual support of that drop which makes the journey of the water cycle...

Creativity is one of the greatest expressions for finding that a town is alive. In this project that we show it, we create a legacy for the future, where the musical expression of the XVIII century is blend in our city Hondarribia with the natural environment, human, gastronomic, social, historical and landscaping of hte XXI century. The images that we can see create an historical archive that nowadays we can live and feel in this land, and with this, we can share it through the time with new technology to all the world. The proposal of Iñaki Etxepare create a musical journey through the water that cyclically is renewed, that creativity is near from us, and it is expanding artistically in all the world, to our land and to all the people who lives here.
The Hondarribia's wall open his doors to all those people who want to feel and to live some days or all his life in Hondarribia, a place with a lot of material to perceive the creativity that involves us every day, it is no far away, the mind and the soul of the human beings are alive in our days.
Enjoy Hondarribia! (Aitor Kerejeta)

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