martes, 8 de agosto de 2017

La Venexiana CLAUDIO MONTEVERDI Secondo Libro dei Madrigali

Published in 1590, the Second Book of Madrigals represents, within the context of Monteverdi’s total output, the conquest of pure and immediate visual metaphor. No other Monteverdi collection overflows with so many images and descriptions of Nature. Visions of rivers, sunrises, breezes,birds, flowers, skies, fountains...
It is no coincidence that these madrigals, published by Monteverdi in the hopes of securing a position for himself in Milan, drew the attention of the court of Mantua and its duke Vincenzo Gonzaga, a great collector of artworks. A unique and exceptional chapter in the career of a musician who would progressively submerge himself in an analysis of the human spirit, the Second Book establishes the luminous coordinates of the fascinating equation between hearing and seeing. The Baroque was at the door, but these aural pictures seem to look back to the great legacy of Renaissance civilization.
The members of La Venexiana continue their journey through the entire collection of Monteverdi’s madrigals with another absolutely delightful recording, where they reach unparalleled levels of excellence in this most demanding repertoire with an exquisite display of interpretive maturity. Surely, another landmark in Glossa’s Monteverdi Edition. (GLOSSA)

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