martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

Iñaki Etxepare / Marta Roma SAMUEL MAYNEZ Huapango

It seems that the word huapango comes from the náhuatl cuauhpanco that literally means over the wood platform; or, it could be a deformation of the word fandango that refers to the parties in which is played the huasteco son. 
There are opportunities on life which arise daily, weekly, monthly, yearly... and some just for once. The journey of life takes an artist to unknown places and triggers many circumstances that compose an artist’s path ful lling his life as well as his art... A few years ago some of Samuel Maynez ́s manuscripts came to our hands during a Cello pedagogy course in Mexico D.C. Back in Europe, we very much liked those manuscripts and we asked Samuel to keep on sending us his music. It was the beginning of a bounding and exciting musical relationship. 
When performing his music, both in Europe and Mexico, we had a great feedback from the audience. People were smiling after the concerts and that encouraged us to play and share Maynez’s music. The idea of recording a CD came to us naturally and we decided to include the music score in the CD and let fellow cello players know and play it themselves. Luckily for us we had the pleasure to count on Marta’s brother, Guillem Roma’s and Montse Bover’s great work on a video clip which completes the audio and the 12 piece’s music sheet print out. Again the circumstances are making this project to be a non stop creative process because while editing the CD that you’re holding now we are receiving more music by Maynez which will sure provide us with the need of sharing it with you in a near future. We hope you enjoy it! And see you next time... (Iñaki Etxepare & Marta Roma)

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